Senate at its emergency meeting held on Friday, 29th September, 2023, deliberated extensively on the Calendar for 2022/2023 academic session and thereafter, approved the readjustment as follows:

Sunday 1st of October, 2023– All students come into campus
Tuesday 3rd of October, 2023– First semester Lectures continue for all students
Monday 9th of October, 2023– Course registration ends for all students
Tuesday 10th of October, 2023– Matriculation
Thursday 12th of October, 2023– Continuous assessment
Friday 3rd of November, 2023– First semester Lectures end
Monday 6th of November, 2023-First semester Examinations begin with GST & ENT courses
Saturday 2nd of December, 2023– First Semester Examinations End
Friday 8th of December, 2023– Students resume for Second Semester
Monday 11th of December, 2023– Second Semester lectures begin
Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th December. 2023– Christmas break
Wednesday 3rd of January 2024– Second Semester Lectures Continues
Thursday 25th of January, 2024– Continuous Assessment for all students
Friday 1st of March 2024– Second semester lectures end
Monday 4th of March, 2024– Second semester examinations begin with ENT & GST Courses
Tuesday 2nd of April, 2024– Second semester Examinations end
Tuesday 30th of April – Fri 3rd of May, 2024– Faculty Boards meet to consider results
Friday 10th of May, 2024– Business Committee of Senate meets to consider results
Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th of May, 2024– Meeting of Senate to consider results/end of session

Above if for your information and future necessary action.

Thank you.

Ambrose E. Odiase, FIPMA, MANUPA, MAUA
Acting Registrar