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General Information

Student Transport
Transport Owners within and around Ekpoma provide bus services to enable staff and students commute between the campus and the town, There are also motorbike shuttles between various locations in and around Ekpoma and the campus. The transport fares are moderated by the students union officials.

Raincoat and Umbrella
A raincoat or umbrella would be found useful as classrooms are a bit removed from the Halls of Residence and the bus stop.

Bicycles and Motor Vehicles
The use of bicycles and motor vehicles in any part of the University campus must be consistent with the provision of the Nigerian Traffic Regulations including the possession of valid driving and motor vehicles license insurance certificates etc. All students’ cars must be registered with the Works and Services Department and the Students Affairs Division.

Motor vehicles and bicycles must be parked in parking spaces provided. However, the’ University assumes no responsibility, and any vehicle parked on any part of the campus is entirely at the risk of the owner

Mail Deliveries
In order to facilitate the movement of mails at minimum cost, the University has a Mail Office in the Registry Department. The office is manned by a staff whose duty it is to collect mails from the Post Office at Ekpoma town on daily basis and sort them out for collection. The schedule for the collection of mails is as follows:
Faculty/Department Mail: Monday – Friday – from the University Mail Office 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. .
Hall of Residence Mails:

Mails will be delivered to each Hall daily except on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Students living in Halls are advised to always use the name of their Hall before Ambrose Alii University, in order to facilitate the handling of their mails. Letter shelves have been provided in each porter’s lodge for this purpose.