Department of Mechanical Engineering


The true wealth of a nation is in manpower. Therefore, any scientific and technical training and education should aim to develop the talents of the student engineer, so that he/she can contribute to the well being of the society, by using the scientific and technical resources, coupled with available material resources, with the greatest efficiency and continuing to develop them. The objective of the department of Mechanical Engineering is to produce graduates who will be well qualified to:

  1. Operate and develop the public services,
  2. Initiate and carry out engineering design,
  3. Engage in industrial management and
  4. Pursue developmental research.   

The degree programme offered in this department is a five years sandwich continuous assesment programme  which include 50 weeks of supervised industrial training period. The first year programme consists of the study of the applied sciences and mathematics with an introduction to engineering principles. In the second year, the study of mathematics is continued but professional engineering subject receive more attention. In the third and forth years the professional subjects are continued with the introduction of mathematical solution to engineering design. In the fifth year of study, a group of subjects may be chosen from a core of professional topics and a wide selection of options! including non-technical and management course relevant to professional  engineering. Also in the fifth year an extended project is taken, which is likely to involve analysis, design construction and testing. The results are submitted in the form of a major reports which is then subject of an oral presentation.