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The faculty of Social Sciences aims at ensuring as much as possible a balanced development of the individual with the ultimate goal of perfecting the individual awareness of himself/herself in relation to the world around him/her. ‘It therefore, adopts that policy of interdisciplinary exposure which ensures that the students are not limited to their discipline. The various departments in the Faculty guide and encourage students to cultivate and refine their faculties for identifying, defining, analyzing and solving problems of significance to mankind. The Faculty emphasizes the development of effective research methodologies, geared towards the solution of societal problems.

The faculty of Social Sciences information handbook is designed to provide students, staff and other interested readers vital information on various aspects of the Faculty’s academic programme. The range of information covered is indicated in the table of contents.


The Faculty of Social Sciences has five academic departments :

Economics: The B.Sc. (Economics) Degree Programme aims at producing graduates who are above to assist in the solution of Economic problem that affect the society at large.

Library and Information Science: The main objectives of the Programme, which will be by course work and by dissertation are to identify the central academic body of knowledge which will permit the students to face changes of all kinds including changes and challenges in information technology.

Political Science: The B.Sc (Political Science) Degree Programme aims at producing graduates who are able to assist in tending the solution of political problems that affect the society at large.

Psychology: The programme is aimed at developing and improving students understanding of social problem through the efficient use of modern social research techniques.

Sociology: The programme aims at the development of the student’s critical judgment, his ability to observe, understand, analyse, and synthesise data on socio-economic problems using social science methods, and on national issues.