Centre For Strategic and Development Studies (CSDS)

CSDS in Brief
The CSDS of Ambrose Alli University was established in 1998 as a Centre for advanced  research and training in strategic, development and related studies.  It is a Centre for local and international interaction, where people of diverse backgrounds and interests from the academia, business, media and government, can freely engage in constant high-level dialogue on emerging national and global issues affecting public order, crime control, socio-economic and human development, and the overall management of national and international peace and security.

CSDS Mission

  • To promote a deeper understanding of all dimensions of security and development strategies through:
  • To run graduate programmes in security management and development strategies with particular focus on Africa and other Third World countries;
  • To conduct research on all aspects of defence and security, as wee as policy and development issues, and explore new approaches to the defence and security of Third Word countries;
  • To organize “fellowships” to enable aspiring scholars take up research work in defence, security, policy and development issues;
  • To organize seminars, conferences and workshops to widen the scope of general understanding of development strategies, defence and security issues;
  • To organize conflict management training programmes and workshops and conduct crisis/war games for government agencies and other interested bodies;
  • To accept consultancy in areas of policy, defence and security issues;
  • To publish and disseminate works on development strategies, defence, security and related issues;
  • To collect and preserve policy, defence, security and related data from all parts of the world and maintain a data bank;
  • To arrange with the University Librarian to set up a special reference section on defence and security, and to receive documents and preserve the private papers that are of defence and security in nature that may be deposited by Nigerians and or any other public functionaries;
  • To interact with similar Centres and institution all over the world and organize joint research programmes and workshops on issues affecting the management of world peace and security, as well as socio-economic and human development;
  • To establish and promote close linkages with similar Centres and institutions all over the world for mutual sharing of the benefits of research in the form of exchange of publications, reciprocal granting of research facilities, exchange of scholars, short-term mutual visits etc.

CSDS Research
Among the priority areas of the Centre’s research coverage are: conflict/crisis management,  threat analysis including electronic threats, defence and security, crime control and public order, socio-economic studies, strategic resource management, human resource management, regional integration, and development strategies.