Centre For Strategic and Development Studies (CSDS)

CSDS Training Programmes
Two M.Sc/Post-graduate diploma programmes are offered at the Centre.  The duration of the post–graduate diploma and the M.Sc programmes are 9 and 12 months respectively.  A good honours degree with at least a second-class pass from a recognized University, plus a strong recommendation and evidence of sponsorship from the candidate’s employer, or guardian, are the requirement for admission to the Diploma/M.Sc. programmes.  Candidates with commensurate professional qualifications and experience may also be considered.

Post–graduate Diploma/M.Sc. in Strategic Studies
This comprises four course packages and a dissertation (for only the M.Sc students)

Modern Strategic Thought

  • Evolution of Modern Strategic Thought;
  • Technology and Modern Strategy;
  • Theories of International Peace and Security;

Defence and Internal Security Management

  • Approaches to national defence and internal security management;
  • Defence and internal security planning and budgeting;
  • Institutional and organizational security management;
  • Management of national defence apparatus;
  • Crime control, public order and internal security enforcement agencies;
  • Management of internal conflicts and crises/simulation exercises
  • Impact of modern technology on national defence and internal security management in selected States.

Security of African States

  • The Geo-Political and Strategic Situation in Africa;
  • Threats to African Security;
  • OAU/Sub-regional Organizations and the Management of African Security;
  • Minimization of conflicts in the continent (confidence-building measures and peace-support operations);
  • Integrated Conflict Management System;
  • Collective defence efforts at both regional and sub-regional levels; and
  • Cooperation with other Third World Regions.

Statistical Analysis and Computer Application

  • Computer and statistical analysis; and
  • Statistical and computer application.