Department of Animal Science

Department of Animal Science offers Full-Time and Part-Time progrmmes leading to award of Master of science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in:

  1. Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry
  2. Animal Physiology
  3. Animal Breeding and Genetics


The Master of Science (M.Sc.) programme consist of course work component and Research component with Thesis/Dissertation. The structure of the M.Sc. programme

(i)    Course Work
Students would be required to register for a minimum of 15 Credit Units per Semester depending on their background. Students would be required to register for courses from the following groups:

  •  Remedial Courses: These courses carry no credit units towards the higher degree.
  • Core Courses: Courses to be taken by students specializing in related areas. The Core Courses are of direct relevance to the field of study.
  • Elective or Optional Courses: These are normally taken from related disciplines if so recommended by the Department.

(ii)    Research Thesis
The subject for the Thesis will normally be chosen from within the Research areas of the relevant Master’s degree option.

(iii)    Seminar
A student will be required to attend all Departmental Seminars. He/She Must Present a Seminar in his/her area of specialization before the defence of the Thesis. Before embarking on the research, every student will be approved to submit a Research proposal, which must b e approved by the Graduate School Board on the recommendation of the Department’s Graduate Committee.

Requirement For Graduation For M.Sc Degree
To graduate, a student shall be required to pass a minimum of 30 Units including Core Courses, Electives and Research Thesis.


(i)    Research
The Ph. D PROGRAMMED IS DONE BY Thesis. A student who is enrolled in the Ph. D. proramme in the Department will be expected to carry out his/her research under close supervision of his/her supervisor(s).

(ii)    Seminar
A student will be required to attend all Department Seminars. In addition, he/she in the course of the Ph. D programme will be expected to present at least one Seminar in his/her area of Research.