Department of Civil Engineering


The Department offers programmes leading to M. ENG and Ph. D with specialization in;

  • Structure Engineering
  • Water Resources and Environment Engineering


The objectives of of the graduate proramme in Structural Engineering are to help Engineers to apply the latest advance in knowledge to the design and construction of structures, to improve their understanding of the behaviour of complex structure and to further their knowledge of modern methods of analysis. The objectives of ability to access water Resources and Environment Engineering are:

  1. The acquisition of ability to access water resources and waste treatment problems.
  2. To design control, distribution and affluent systems including coastal aspects.
  3. To teach Engineers the techniques for the planning, analysis and development of water resources to meet the required quantity and quality at any given time.


To satisfy the requirement for the award of the Master’s degree, a student must accumulate a minimum of thirty (30) credit units which shall include all the compulsory courses and the project. He must give at least one departmental seminal on his research during the period of his study.