Department of Commercial and Property Law


The programme aims to offer to the student who has an aggressive intellectual stance and who wishes to advance the frontiers of knowledge a challenging, if somewhat, arduous discipline. The couse of study for the award of the LL.M degree fifers from the traditional courses generally offered law Faculties in the country.


A unique feature of the programme is a requirement that every student must offer at least 8 units but not more than 16 units of core subject(s). It is expectd that the student will successfully defend his disseration/thesis on a topic chosen from an area covered by one of the subjects or fileds of law comprised in his study before a Board of Examiners approved by Graduate School.

This dissertation will in addition offer him experience of sustained, intensive, personal work on specific legal education of our graduate students.


Course for the LL.M Degree shall be chosen from the list of subjects referred to I these Regulations as core and elective subjects; together with a Thesis which shall not be less than 15,000 words. The course of studies will normally be for a period of not less than 2 semesters after initial registration.


  1. for the LL.M Degree shall be by:
  2. Written examination at the end of period of study in all subjects selected by, and approved for, the candidate.
  3. Oral examination of a Thesis which shall not be less than 15,000 words.


To fulfill the requirements for the award of the LL.M. degree, a candidate must:

  • Register for and pass a minimum of 40 units of course work including a thesis.
  • Obtain a mark of 505 in each of the written exeaminations.
  • Defend the Thesis for the LL.M. Degree in oral examination.


The Ph.D programme shall normally be solely by Research resulting in a Thesis in any of the areas listed under the LL.M. programme in the faculty.

Thesis Supervision

A satisfy the minimum requirement for the award of the Degree of Ph.D. in Law, a candidate shall summit and defend a Thesis in accordance with the General Regulations Governing Higher Degrees of the Edo State University. And where appropriate, a candidate shall, in addition, satisfy the examiners in any prescribed taught courses.