Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Graduate Programme undertaken in the Department are: M.Ed and Ph.D each candidate can specialize in any of the following:

  • Curriculum and Instructions
  • Social Studies Education
  • Science Education
  • Language Education


The main objectives of the Graduate Programmes are:

  1. To develop the skills of practicing Curriculum and instructions with particular emphasis on theoretical basis for Curriculum practices.
  2. To produce high level research personnel who will be able to contribute significantly in the field of Curriculum Studies by providing needed teaching and other services in higher Institutions.
  3. To raise high level manpower who will teach and provide the needed services in University, Colleges of Education, polytechnic and Ministries of Education.


  1. Candidate must register for and pass all the prescribed courses.
  2. Candidates are also expected to present Research Projector be examined in accordance with the Graduate regulations.
  3. Each candidate must demonstrate in teaching in university in his area of specialization.
  4. A candidate may be allowed to transfer not more than fifteen (15) units from any other University approved by Senate, but units in research methods and Research project are not transferable.
  5. Each course will be examined through continues assessment of students work by examination. The pass mark for each course is 50%
  6. Candidate who failed or are unable to write their examinations in any of the prescribed courses may be allowed to do at the next available opportunity.
  7. Sandwich students shall register for first semester courses during the first long vacation and the second semester courses during the second long vacation