Department of Modern Languages


The Department of Modem Language offers graduate programmes leading to the award of the following higher degrees, subject to the Graduate School General Regulations governing Higher Degree

  • Master of Arts (M.A) in French Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in French Studies


The main objectives of these programmes are:

  1. To inculcate in the students a sense of persistent and independent scholarship and ability for imaginative thought.
  2. To improve their methods of French studies particularly through research in order to enhance their in-depth knowledge in the various field of specialization.
  3. To produce the much needed manpower of the Senior Staff Cadre. These of course, are among the people who often represent Nigeria in International Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops. They can also serve in several public and private Sectors, principally in Teaching profession, Diplomatic services, Translation - and Interpretation, Scientific and Technological Research Administration and Industrial, Establishments.


The programme offers a broad perspective of French. Studies, including French, Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures, French and Francophone Civilizations, Advanced Language practice, Applied  Linguistics as well as Translation and Interpretation.

The duration is one Calendar year (12 months) on full¬time-basis.

Admission Requirements:
Students applying for admission to the    M.A (French Studies) courses must have a good B.A or B. Ed (French) with a minimum of Second Class Division from Ambrose Alli University (A.A.U), Ekpoma or any other recognized University.

Areas of Specialization
The following five options (fields of specialization) are provided:

  1. French Language;
  2. Applied French Linguistics;
  3. Translation and Interpretation;
  4. Literature (French or Francophone African or Caribbean);
  5. Civilisations (French or Other Francophones).

Course Work
A student must be required to register for, and pass 30 units of course work (24 units) and M.A. Thesis (6 units). Each course has 3 units. Note also that a candidate shall be required o repeat some core courses at the B.A. programme, where his transcripts may reveal him to be weak (e.g. with score below 50%).

Language Requirement
Students are expected to follow the course in French Language and write their thesis In French Language also


  1. Students must submit for approval the proposed topic preferably by the end of the first semester.
  2. The topic will be in the student’s option (area of specialization)
  3. The thesis, will be at least 100 pages but not exceeding 150 pages, including notes, bibliography, table of contents and appendices
  4. Students will be required to defend their thesis in a viva voce in French Language.
  5. The Panel of examiners will consist of the Head of Department, External Examiner, Internal Examiner, Graduate School Representative and Supervisor(s).


The duration shall be a minimum of 2 years on full-time basis; and a minimum of 4 years on Part-time basis.

Admission Requirements
Possession of:

  • A good M.A (i. e.) with 60% and above) from A.A.U. Ekpoma or the equivalent grade from any other recognized University.
  • An M.Phil
  • Equivalents of M.A. and M.Phil. from any other recognized University.

Areas of Specification
The options are: Literature, Civilisation, Translation. Language and Applied Linguistics. The options are: Literature, Civilisation, Translation. Language and Applied Linguistics.


Iwebunor Frederick Emordi