Department of Political Science

The Department offers courses leading to the award of M.Sc in Political Science, Master in Public Administration, Degree of Master in International and Strategic Studies in Ph.D. in, Political Science. The Graduate programmes were designed to strengthen the candidates academic and professional knowledge of Political Science and its areas of specialisation.

The programmes provide in-depth training for candidates who wish to refine their research, analytical and administrative skills through experimental learning, advanced and specialised professional instruction in  the discipline. The Ph.D. programme of the department is by directed/independent reading and by research. The student will be expected to write comprehensive examination in three areas - major, minor and methodology. The student is expected to carry out his research under the close supervision of one or two members of staff with relevant research and teaching experience in the area.


Ph.D. Programme
To graduate, a student shall be required to:

  1. Present three seminar papers in the student's major, minor areas and methodology.
  2. Perform satisfactorily in written qualifying compre¬hensive examination in the three area - major, minor and methodology.
  3. Present and defend dissertation proposal.
  4. Perform satisfactorily in a final oral examination, which is a judgment on the dissertation and the candidate's defense of it.

M.Sc Political Science
To graduate, a student shall be required to pass a minimum of 30 units including Core and Elective courses and Seminar. In addition, he must successfully defend the mandatory research thesis.