Department of Production and Material Engineering


The Department of Production and Materials Engineering (MPE) is devoted to activities that improve the development and performance management in organizations, and also other programmes that affect the well being of people living in both rural areas and urban communities. The Department offers specialized programmes that encourage the integration of technological, environmental, social, economic, and management inputs for effective and sustainable devel9pment. Our Department is a pioneering leader in the development of Integrated Graduate Development Scheme (IGDS) in Africa.

The IGDS includes M.Sc and Ph.D degree programmes, short practical and special courses for groups and individual study. All programmes are designed to meet the education and training needs of individuals involved or intending to become involved in planning, provision and/or management of physical infrastructure for development. All programmes on offer are suitable for engineers and non-engineers (e.g. holders of degree honours in buildings, chemistry, computer science, physics and social sciences).

The Department of production and Materials Engineering is aware of the present gender imbalance amongst management and technical personnel in the various sectors of the Africa economy. In addition, the Department recognizes that the involvement of both men and women in all phases of development is essential if progress is to be effective and sustainable. To help address these issues, the Department particularly encourage women to participate in our technology management programme to enable them actively take part in the pacing of economic and technological developments Africa.


Our modular programmes include:
1.   M.Sc in the following areas:
          Production and Materials Engineering
          Technology Management
2.   Ph.D in the following areas:
          Production and Materials Engineering
          Environmental Management and Technology
          Technology Management

The M.Sc programme are for two semesters, while the Ph.D programmes are for six semesters. Both programmes are by course work and research project.

The Production and Materials Engineering Programme combines an understanding of the physical, mechanical and chemical basis of solid materials with an appreciation of management and manufacturing processes and the economic and social constraints in which they operate. The programme prepares students for careers in manufacturing industries where new materials are taking the place of traditional materials. The Technology management Programme is a multidisciplinary course with a roughly equal- balance between appreciation of the human, economic and social framework in which business and industrial activity take place, and study of technologies used in modern industries. The programme is aimed at giving the students an understanding of the interactions between technology, development and society and also an appreciation of technology as the engine of economic development.


Admission is open to graduates who have obtained a good honours degree of (not below second class lower) in Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Materials science, Physics, Polymer science, and Technology from a recognized institution of higher learning. However, candidates with lower qualifications but have adequate relevant experience may be admitted into a four semester M.Sc. degree programme. Only candidates with mater’s degree in Engineering and Technology may be registered for the Ph.D. Programmes. However, candidates with good Master’s degree in petroleum economics, but have adequate relevant experience may be admitted into the technology management or environmental management and technology programme.