Department of Materials & Production Engineering

The Department offers undergraduate degree programmes in Materials and Production Engineering. Philosophy We live in an age in which technology has transformed the world into an inter-connected global village. For us in Nigeria, we are beginning to experience a process of regeneration after a period of political and economic wilderness. For the effective utilization of any type of resources (human and materials) good, strong, intelligent and adaptive engineers are required. This cadre of engineers cannot be produced without considering the dynamic interaction between materials and production. Hence the general philosophy of the Department is to produce 'hybrid engineers' with sound knowledge of engineering principles, engineering materials, and the abilities to apply them to practical engineering problems.


The main objectives of the Department are:

  1. To provide opportunity for students to acquire the skills and competencies necessary to initiate, develop and solve engineering problems.
  2. To produce engineers who are capable of using their engineering knowledge and sound skills to direct the production process to achieve most efficient coordination of efforts with due consideration of quality, quantity and cost.