Department of Geography and Regional Planning

The philosophy of the programme is to produce graduates who are equipped with various techniques and method of analysis in Geography and Regional planning so that, they can make meaningful contribution to local, National and International development and planning. Graduates of thus programme can register as members of Nigerian Institute of Town Planning (NITP) after registering for and passing the prescribed professional examination. Note that they are exempted from taking some courses and Nigerian Cartographic Association (NCA). They can also feature as environmentalists.

Thus the aims and objectives of the programme are:

  • To make the students have a good understanding of the human and natural phenomena that affect earth’s surface.
  • To enable the students acquire the techniques and skills of identifying and analyzing the various social and environmental problems of development planning in the society.
  • To make the students develop or have a critical judgment of issues (human and natural) to which they will be able to advance solution.
  • To equip the students with the skills and the techniques required in the practice of urban and regional planning. To enable students after specializing in any sub-area of geography and regional planning serve as planning officers, teachers/lecturers, environmental managers, cartographers, administrators, personnel officers, landscape designers etc.