Source of Information

The University is organized not only to facilitate effective administration and academic work, but also to provide reliable and authoritative information. The following sources of information are available but when a student is in doubt, he should consult the Student Affairs Office.

1. Admissions The Deputy Registrar (Academic) or Admissions Officer, Academic Office.
2. Student Welfare Dean of Students, Student Affairs Division.
3. Registration, Matriculation and Examination Matters Deputy Registrar (Academic) or Examinations and Record Officer, Academic Division.
4. Fees Bursar or Deputy Bursar (Student Accounts Section), Bursary Department or Student's Faculty Accountant
5. Catering Students' Union Secretariat or Manager, University Guest Houses
6. Financial, Loans, Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries Registrar and or Dean of Students, . Student Affairs Division.
7. Sports and Athletics The Director of Sports, Sports Division
8. Health Services The Director, University Health Services
9. Academic Transcripts Examinations and Records Officer, Academic Division
10. Security The Chief Security Officer, Security Division
11. Careers Registrar and or Dean of Students, Student Affairs Division.
12. Passages and Immigration (Staff) Passages Officer, Bursary Department
13. National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S;C.) Dean of Students, Student Affairs Division
14. Summer Flight Students' Union Secretariat and Student Affairs Officer
15. Application for Transport Through: The Dean of Students To: The Manager, University Transport Services or Contact: The Secretary General, Student Union Secretariat
16. Books, Journal, Gazettes The University Librarian, University Librarian.
17. Change of name The Registrar, Ambrose Alii University, Ekpoma.
18. Purchase of Books Bookshop Manager