The Role of 2007 General Election in Meeting Nigerians’ Socio-Economic Aspirations

Dr. O. J.  Imahe and Prof. F. E.   Iyoha

The 2007 General election is the people’s hope, and it is up to the parties and their elected candidates to see that it ensures a peaceful co-existence and provides an enabling socio-economic environment that will favour all-round human development. It is pertinent to mention that elections in the country so far have not been able to adequately reflect the manifestoes/programmes and the promises of the parties/elected public officers. As a result they had always failed to meet the socio-economic aspirations of the Nigerian people. We are all aware of the general apathy on the part of the electorate following the previous experience of past elections where the elected and their parties were not able to fulfill their mandate or even meet the basic socio-economic demands of the people.


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The Role of 2007 General Elections In Meeting Nigerian Democratization and Other Political Aspirations

Dr. Julius Uduimho Azelama and W. Ogieva

This article adopts descriptive analysis in the identification of Nigerian democratisation and other major current political aspirations. It adopts the same method in examining the role of the 2007 General Elections in meeting these aspirations. The analysis recognizes the impracticability of a watertight compartmentalization of this election as the only one that is aimed at meeting the identified aspirations. It recognizes the past and future general elections as equally expected to attain the goals or consolidate the ones already attained.