08 Nov

Below are the procedures for processing of admissions by fresh students:

  1. Check Admission Status by clicking on “Check Admission’’.
  2. Pay Acceptance fee.
  3. Check Clearance Status.
  4. Pay tuition, hostel accommodation fees e.t.c.
  5. Print out online generated Matriculation Number and other relevant documents.
  6. Register your courses.

Students are advised to collect their University receipt for acceptance, tuition and hostel accommodation fees from the University faculty accountants attached to their Faculties.

The following documents are to be submitted in a file to the office of the Dean of Students for physical clearance and collection of a FREE copy of the student information handbook:

  1. Personal data page
  2. e-admission slip
  3. Online generated matriculation number slip
  4. Online clearance/eligibility slip
  5. Completed sworn affidavit as to be of good behavior as downloaded from the University’s website
  6. University school fees receipts

The above are to be submitted to the Faculty officers at the various Faculty offices.

All admitted candidates are to visit the University's portal at https://aaue.waeup.org for further details on the guidelines for the processing of their admissions.

Above is for information and guidance of those concerned, please.

Edward U. Aihevba, FNISM, FCAI
Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer

13 Oct

Dr. Bjorn Freter a Philosopher and an independent scholar and his Associate Dr. Dina a medical Doctor from Berlin Germany, paid a courtesy visit to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. I.A. Onimawo on Monday, 9th October, 2017, at the Vice-Chancellor’s Conference Room.

13 Oct

This is to inform the University community and the general public especially the students of Ambrose Alli University that Senate has approved a Mobile Examination Malpractice Committee for the on going Second Semester Examination.

13 Oct

The ICD Internship project main purpose is to enable students who need an internship as a compulsory part of their B.A or graduate studies to engage in cultural diplomacy and in doing so, to further promote cultural diplomacy and multiculturalism worldwide.

13 Oct


  1. Diploma in Library Science
  2. Diploma in Physical and Health Education
  3. Diploma in Mathematics Education
  4. Diploma in Accounting Education
  5. Diploma in Banking Education
  6. Diploma in Secretarial Education
  7. Diploma in Technical Education with options in:
    1. Mechanical/Metal Work Technology
    2. Building Technology
  8. Electrical/Electronics Technology
  9. Diploma in Computer Science Education
  10. Diploma in Community Health Education
13 Oct


Click here to view the CBE timetable for the 2016/2017 academic session second semester: 100 and 200 level examinations.

13 Oct


Animal Science 40
Crop Science 40
Agric. Econs/Extension 40
Soil Science 40
English 40
History/ISD 40
Modern Languages 40
Philosophy 40
Religious Studies & Cultural Management 40
Theatre & Media Arts 40
Medical Lab. Science 55
Physiology 40
Nursing 60
Anatomy 40
Medicine & Surgery 80
Curriculum & Instruction 40
Educational Found. & Management 40
Guidance & Counselling 40
Physical & Health Education 40
Voc. & Tech. Education 40
Library & Inf. Science 40
Civil Engineering 45
Elect/Elect. Engineering 45
Mech. Engineering 45
Industrial & Production Engineering 40
Architecture 40
Building 40
Fine & Applied Arts 40
Geo. & Environmental Management 40
LAW 70
Accounting 55
Banking & Finance 40
Business Admin. 55
Public Admin. 40
Biochemistry 40
Botany 40
Microbiology 50
Zoology 40
Mathematics 40
Ind. Maths. 40
Statistics 40
Physics 40
Geophysics 40
Chemistry 40
Industrial Chemistry 40
Computer Science 50
Economics 40
Political Science 45
Sociology 45
Psychology 40