Administration » Council


The Council is the highest governing authority of the University. It is charged with the general responsibility for policy, finances; particularly the control of the property and expenditure of the University, as well as the public relations.

Many members of the Council are drawn from the general public. The Pro-Chancellor is the Chairman of Council which also includes among its membership, the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, as well as representatives of the University Senate and the Congregation. Most of the work of the council is carried on, in between meetings by the following Committees/Boards.

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Tenders Board
  • Expenditure and Equipment Committee
  • Building Works and Sites Committee
  • Appointments & Promotions Committee for Non-Academic
  • Staff on HAT/SS 06 and above; and that for Junior Staff
  • Appointment and Promotions Committee for Academic Staff
  • Bookshop Board of Management
  • Board of Governors of University Staff Schools
  • Housing Allocation Committee
  • Committee on Security
  • Estimates Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee
  • Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee
  • Vehicle Loans Committee
  • Endowment Fund Committee
  • Board of Management of University Consultancy Services
  • Management Boards of AAU Profit Centres