Administration » Registrar


The Registrar is the Chief Administrative officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the affairs (other than the financial affairs) of the University. The Registrar is the Secretary to Council and Senate.

The Registry is the custodian and repository of University documents and provides the desired continuity in the administration of the University­. The Registry is organized into five main Divisions:

  • Registrar’s Office: This is the General Administrative Division
  • Academic Division: This is sub-divided into. Admissions, Verification, Senate, and Examination and Records Units.
  • Personnel Affairs Division: This is sub-divided into Academic, Senior (Non Teaching) and Junior Staff Affairs Units.
  • General Administration and Staff Welfare Divisions: This takes care of manpower development and the Staff Welfare of the entire University Committee.
  • Council and Legal-Division: This handles all matters relating to Tenders as well as Legal matters.