Welcome Message

It is with great joy that I welcome all new and returning students to this great citadel of learning, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, the first state university in Nigeria, a university which ensures best global practices in administrative and academic matters, a place structured to ensure that students get the requisite skills and training for their future endeavours, a community of perfection, a place of satisfaction. 

Ambrose Alli University is a pace setter in the training of students. Our alumni are highly sought after globally in various fields of study for their expertise. You too will receive such recognition provided you focus on your academics while you are here. 

Our administrative and academic system ensures that our graduates are excellent in character and learning, making them highly resourceful in their chosen careers. 

I therefore encourage all students, especially the new students, to be very conscious that they are in this university to acquire the necessary all-round training and, therefore, shun all vices which are generally unproductive to their goals as students. 

Because Ambrose Alli University is student-friendly and we take the welfare of our students seriously, I encourage each and every student to be free to make necessary enquiries and seek clarification, using designated channels. This administration has set up a grievance redress initiative called “TELL-THE-VC” which is an online platform for anyone (students and non-students) to make comments on any issue bothering them directly to the Vice Chancellor, either on condition of anonymity, or otherwise. This initiative makes all friends of our university to be stakeholders in the continuous building of this citadel of learning. You should be rest assured of prompt responses and further actions to your comments and the protection of your identity/privacy if you so desire. If in doubt about any issue or you wish to report any matter, please “TELL-THE-VC” on @asomwan or @asomwan_adagbonyin 

To ensure work-life balance, we encourage students to participate in sports and other leisure activities, including building of their spiritual lives. These activities will leave no room for any vice to take hold on any student. 

I want to use this medium to appreciate all staff and benefactors of this great University for their efforts in ensuring that this University keeps soaring. Your activities have been yielding the desired fruits, and this is the joy of your efforts. I commend your team spirit, commitment and sacrifice to ensuring that the vision and mission of this university remain visible and achievable.  

I wish each and every one good success and brilliant achievements in all their endeavours. 

Thank you. 


Prof. A.S. Adagbonyin
Ag. Vice Chancellor