The University Management has approved the change of name of the underlisted students as follows:

1.IDEHEN Imade UnuagbonIDEHEN Imade FavourDepartment of Civil Engineering
2.Okoro Chidinma RuthWILLIAMS Ruth ChidinmaDepartment of Biochemistry
3.EGBODION Itua Blessed EGBODION Isaiah BlessedDepartment of Computer Science
4.OSAGIE, Efosa GoodnewsOSAGIE, Goodnews EfeDepartment of Chemistry
5.BLAISE MISHAELIKOGHO Mishael EdwardDepartment of Political Science
6.AYEORIBE Oluwasefunmi IsaacADEBOYEJO Oluwasefunmi IsaacDepartment of Computer Science
7.OGAR Lawrencia EmikeOGAR Lawrencia BanjwareosowoDepartment of Mass Communication
8.MAY-Dabiri Joshua Tomunokoro TochukwuMAY-Dabiri Joshua TochukwuDepartment of Architecture
9.DANALD FavourDONALD FavourDepartment of History & International Studies
10.CHIKEZIE, Okoro ChristopherOKORO Chikezie  ChristopherDepartment of Political Science
11.OGBESOYEN, Kolawole EseOGBESOYEN Kolawole HiltonDepartment of Physics
12.ASIKA Julius IbhadojemeuAkhimen Julius IbhadojemeuFaculty of Law
13.OKUN Promise EfeOkun-Matthew Promise Onosetale- EfeMechanical Engineering
14.ANENU, GreaterAnenu Ehiane DistinyDepartment of English

All former documents of the above-named students remain valid.


Above is for the information of all necessary University organs, their sponsors and the general public.