The University Management, in a bid to ensure the observance of the COVID 19 protocols during the forthcoming 2nd semester examinations, has directed that all COVID 19 protocols be observed by students, invigilators and all staff of the University at examination venues, viz: social distancing; use of facemasks, hand sanitisers and washing of hands with soap and water.

Furthermore, students are directed to comply with the following guidelines, which are to be strictly enforced by invigilators and the CBE Committee members:

  1. Every invigilator is expected to comply with the COVID 19 protocols, in addition to leading by example.
  2. Any mobile phone or electronic device found with any student will be taken away and will not be returned to the student. For the avoidance of doubt, no electronic device will be permitted once the students are in the queue.
  3. Gathering of students around the University Library will no longer be permitted.
  4. Every student having CBE shall wait in his/her Faculty for signals. They shall be informed 30 minutes before the commencement of the CBE to move to the Library.  A point has been designated about 150m from the Library where students should start queuing up.
  5. Only staff vehicles would be allowed beyond the queuing up point. Any staff conveying students in their vehicles must drop the students off before driving through the queuing point.
  6. The “NO FACEMASK, NO ENTRY” rule shall be strictly enforced for both staff and students.

Thank you.

Above is for the information of the University community and the general public.

Edward U. Aihevba,  FCAI
Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer.