The University Management has directed that as students return to the campus after nine months of lockdown, they should observe the Covid-19 guidelines as follows;

  1. All staff and students should come to campus with their own facemasks, and put them on at all times.
  2. All staff and students should come to campus with enough of their own hand sanitizers which they should have handy for use at intervals.
  3. Staff and students, as much as possible should practice social distancing.
  4. Staff and students should endeavour to make use of the soap and water, strategically located at the offices, Departments, Faculties, auditoria and hostels, for the washing of their hands at regular intervals.
  5. Anybody experiencing even the slightest symptoms of fever, coughing, nasal congestion or difficulty in breathing should immediately visit the health centre.

Take responsibility! Stay safe!!

Above is for the information of the University community and the general public.

Edward U. Aihevba,  FCAI
Deputy Registrar, Information/Publi