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The objective of the postings in Medicine is to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her:

  1. Practice medicine with good bedside manners and a high ethical standard and have a deep respect and concern for the patient’s condition;
  2. Communicate easily with patients, colleagues and other Members of the health team;
  3. Obtain and record accurate information on the patient’s symptoms and signs and compile the data towards making a reasonable diagnosis and differential diagnosis;
  4. Become aware of the common diseases of each organ/system, including the relevant associated signs and symptoms, request appropriate investigations and describe and prescribe the most appropriate therapeutic measures; the student is also expected to be able to recognise cases needing specialized management and refer them in a timely manner to appropriate centres;
  5. Perform common medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in a safe and skilful manner;
  6. Manage and prevent common medical emergencies, including making timely referrals to appropriate centres; and
  7. Actively seek guidance from appropriate sources of information , including books, journals, or colleagues, as necessary.