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Administrative Structure


1Dr. (Mrs.) Jane I. Aba
NCE, BLS, MLS, Cert. in Comp. Sci., MBA, PhD
 –University Librarian
2Mrs. Juliana Bosede Amune
DLS, BLS, MLS, PhD in view.
 –Senior Librarian/ Ag. HOD Law
3Mrs. Margaret Momodu
B.Sc., MLS.
 –Senior Librarian/ Ag. HOD Emando /Agriculture Library.
4Mr. Thomas Aitufe
 –Librarian 1/ Ag. HOD Technical Services Department
5Mr. Fredrick Edewede Odion
DLS, BLS, MLS, PhD in view
 –Librarian I/ Ag. HOD, Collections Development Department
6Mrs. Esther Olohije Aidenojie
B.Sc., Dip. (Data Processing), MLS, PGDE, PhD in view
 –Librarian I/ Ag. HOD, Research Collections &Systems Development
7Mrs. Charity Onoimiuko Adetona
 –Librarian I/ Ag. HOD, Medical Library.
8Ms. Grace Eseohe Ebunuwele 
 –Librarian I
9Dr. Tony Ikponmwosa Obaseki 
DLS, BLS, Cert. (General Computing),  MLS, PhD
 –Librarian I/ Ag. HOD, E-Library Department.
10Mrs  Obinyan, Oluwatosin
 –Assist. Librarian / Ag. HOD, Readers Services Department
11Mrs  Agbale, Omohoste, Patience 
 –Assist. Librarian
12Mrs. Osawele, Racheal
DLS, BLS, MLS in View
 –Assist. Librarian in Training
13Mr. Dan Osa Eboigbe
 –Assist. Chief Library Officer
14Mr. Ikharo, Yusuf Abdulahi  
 –Assist. Chief Library Officer
15Mrs Constance Afadama  
 –Principal Library Officer II
16Mrs Comfort Olopele
 –Principal Library Officer II
17Mr Anslem Oyakhire
DLS, BLS, MLS in View.  
 –Principal Library Officer II
18Mrs. Ailenmen, Morenike Mary
 –Principal Library Officer II
19Mrs. Osemekhian Philomena –Chief Library Officer
20Mr. Ebhozele, Joseph –Chief Library Officer
21Mrs. Paulina Asuelimen
 –Assistant Chief Library Officer
22Mr. Andrew Ikhioya
 –Assistant Chief Library Officer
23Mr. Agbi  Stephen Ogundare
 –Higher Library  Officer
24Ms. Julliet  Momoh
DLS, BLS, MLS in View
 –Senior Library Officer
25Mrs Winifred Oseghale
 –Higher Library officer
26Mrs. Eigbe, Justina Omisi –Higher Library Officer
27   Mrs Omono Akpukpu
 –Higher Library officer

Organogram of AAU Library

library organogram

The University Librarian is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day running of the library. For ease of management and span of control, the internal administrative structure of the library is organized into the following five major departments and Outreach libraries:

  1. University Librarian’s office
  2. Collection Development Department
  3. Technical Services Department
  4. Reader’s Services Development
  5. Research Collection & Systems Development and E-library Department
  6. Outreach Libraries


Collection Development Department
Collection Development Department WorkroomCollection development is the hallmark of the University library activities. The quality of the library collections determines the quality of services the library renders its users. In a nutshell Collection Development refers to the systematic process of building library collection that would meet the information needs of the users and support the vision and mission of the University.

Technical Services Department
Technical Service Department WorkroomTechnical Services Division (TSD) of the library is the heart of the library. This is where books are described and put in their various classes for easy retrieval. TSD has the following units;
1. Cataloguing Unit
2. Classification Unit
3. Book Finishing Unit and
4. The Bindery Unit. This bindery unit is where worn out/mutilated books are repaired and also the unit is engaged in the binding of projects, thesis, dissertations etc on official and commercial bases.

Research, Collection And Systems Development Department
The department is situated at the second floor in the University Main Library. It comprises of the Open Access and Closed Access Unit. This department is a repository of physical research materials. These resources include Projects/Thesis/Dissertations, Monographs, Newspapers, Magazines, Special Collections, United Nations (UN) Publications and Journals.

Readers’ Service Department (RSD)
Registration Desk in Readers Services DepartmentThe readers Service Department’s is the front desk of the library. The department is referred to as the mirror of the Library. RSD is positioned to always be in contact with all visitors to the library. The primary and major pre-occupation of the department is users comfort and satisfaction at all times, the reason RSD in recent times all over the world is classed as the image making unit of libraries… AAU Library has in recent times in the year 2017 in retrospect lived up to this new nomenclature. The Readers’ Service Department is made up of
I. The Circulation Unit and
II. The Reference /Newspapers Unit.

Electronic Library Department (E-Library)
E-Library Department Open to UsersThis department prior to this year 2017 in retrospect has been transiting from one status to another that is at inception in early 2000 as OSIWA center up till 2010 when the center transformed into an electronic library, the department was a unit attached to the University Librarians office ad an administrative arm. In July 2016 the Electronic library unit was merged with Research Collection and Systems Development Department (RCSDD) and was now known as the Research Collection and Systems Development and Electronic Library Department (RCSD&E-Library Department). Interestingly nascent development in the Information world/industry of which the library is part, increase in patronage of the library by members of the university community in addition to the desire of the library management to diversify access point to information sources as is been practiced in libraries and information centers of the world the library management with the support of the university management in March 2018 in the year under review established the Electronic Library Department.

These libraries are located in different faculties and annexes as follows:

  1. Law library: this is situated at the Faculty of Law. It provides services to the students and staff of the Faculty. The library is also a pre-requisite for both academic and professional accreditations. This library is manned by a senior Academic Librarian.
  2. Agriculture Library and Emuado Annex Library: This is located at the faculty of agriculture, Emuado, Ekpoma.This provides services to Faculty of Agriculture, Foundation and Part-Time Degree programmes that are based at the Emuado Annex of the University.This library is manned by a senior Academic Librarian.
  3. Medical Library: This is called Professor T. Bello-Osagie Library. It is situated at the College of Medicine to cater for staff and students of the Faculty of Basic Medical sciences. It is made up of circulation desk where borrowing transactions take place with short term and long term loans to students & staff. It is responsible for the registration of students. This library is manned by a senior Academic Librarian.
  4. Management Sciences Library: The library is composed of Public Administration Library and Accounting library (donated by an ex-student of the two Departments).
  5. Environmental library: This is situated at the faculty of Environmental Studies to cater for the Information needs of staff and students of the faculty.
  6. Clinical Library: This is situated at the Faculty of Clinical Sciences at Irrua close to Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital to provide services to staff and students at the clinical level of the medical training.
  7. Education Library: This is situated at the Faculty of Education in the main campus of the University to cater for the information needs of staff and students in the faculty.
  8. Library and Information Science Library: This is situated in the department of Library and Information Science. It is a departmental library.