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The Philosophy of this department is to produce graduates of sociology who are well grounded in theory and social research procedures with an enthusiasm to make a career in the discipline.


  1. Develop and improve student’s understanding of the social problems at various stages development and the Nigeria society in particular.
  2. Development the student’s critical judgment, his ability to observe, understand, analyse, and synthesise data on socio-economic problems using social science methods, and on national issues.
  3. Provide appropriate environment that enables the students raise their level of creativity and promote the spirit of self-reliance; and
  4. Create an atmosphere for desirable behavioural changes which would help him to develop values that are in consonance with the national objectives such as hard work probity, commitment, patriotism and discipline.


Direct Entry Requirements
a)  To be eligible for admission into the three-year programme, candidates must possess in addition to the UME requirements, two advanced level subjects from the following: Economics, Government, and Literature in English, CRK, History or Geography.


b)  A Diploma Certificate with a minimum of MERIT Grade in Social Works, Criminology, or in related disciplines such as Political Studies, Law or Public Administration of Ambrose Alli University or other recognized Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Bachelor of Social Works (Part-Time) Five-Year Programme

c)  To be eligible for admission to the programme, candidates must possess five credit passes which must include English Language, and four other Social Science and Arts Subjects in not more than two sittings. Candidates are required to also have a minimum pass grade (P7 or P8) in Mathematics.

Four-Year Programme

d)  To be eligible for admission into the four year programme candidates must have in addition to the requirements contained in (a) above, at least a Merit Pass in Diploma in social Works, Criminology, Public Administration, Political Studies or related areas obtained in the this University or any other recognized Tertiary Institution.

UME Entry Requirements

e)  To be eligible for admission into the four-year programme, prospective candidates must possess at least credit pass in five subjects at SSCE or its equivalents including English Language, Mathematics, one Social Science subject or Art Subject and any other subject in not more than two sittings.

UME Subjects required are English Language, Economics, Government and any other Art subject.